Whiskey River Club

Gong Show Karaoke Contest and Rules

Get screwed over on that American Idol tryout?  Maybe you're just looking to put the competition in their place!  Here is your chance.  Gong Show Karaoke is a competition where the contestants compete against each other, judges, and the audience.  If you think you have what it takes to beat the gong and impress the judges and the audience Gong Show Karaoke is for you.





Basically, this is a Karaoke contest with a couple of unique twists.  First, anytime during your set, ANY PERSON in the audience can come up and ring the Gong and your out, right then and there.  If you survive the audience then you and all other survivors will be allowed to sing another set for the three judges that will picked at random from the audience.  After all Gong Survivors have completed a second set, the judges will pick three top competitors for a final set that will determine the nights winner. You may be Gonged out by ANYONE in the audience at any time before the three final competitors are selected by the judges.  Every Month after the fourth competition the three previous winners will compete with that nights' winner for the monthly title.  Every three months the three winners shall compete for the quarterly title, and of course the four quarterly winners will compete for the yearly title. 



This competition is purely for fun and some laughs, but we realize that sometimes people may be gonged out by "Haters, Ex's, Drunks, Punks, and finally but just as importantly people who think you actually SUCK!  Therefore we have created the "Gong Challenge."  If you feel you have been unfairly gonged out you may challenge the person who took you out.  Now here is the part that keeps everyone honest.  If a contestant challenges a gong out the audience in general will vote by either show of hands or secret ballot whether or not to restore the contestant to the competition.  Here's the hook, if you challenge a gong out and lose by general vote, you must buy the person who gonged you out their next drink.  So why would anyone subject themselves to this????


Simple: The  Number One and Primary Concern of every Serious Karaoke Singer............Bragging Rights.  If you can survive this competition few can challenge your position as a Karaoke Ace.


Oh and just for an added incentive...Free Bar Tabs and Green Cash Money.    Each weeks' winner will receive a bar tab good at Whiskey River.  The Monthly winner and quarterly winners will receive a prize of Cold, Hard, Cash.  The annual winner will receive a trophy as well as a Grand Cash Prize.


This will be a fun and new and different ongoing contest that will generate some great singing, some laughs, and a lot of great fellowship. Every Thursday Night at THE WHISKEY RIVER CLUB.....      Good Luck and lets have some Fun!